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The z* system provides simple access to rendering infrastructure, input system, sound, and object replication over the internet. Currently, a simulation (written in java) is run on each client, and on one server. The simulation runs a 'Gamelet', essentially the 3D game equivalent of an applet. The simulation engine also connects to a client application, which does all of the work of displaying the simulation state, and taking input. This approach allows z* to host games written in java on any platform that can run console based java apps and has networking. A separate part of the game client (which is most likely native code, platform dependent) connects to the simulation and provides the rendering, sound and input infrastructure needed.

Given this approach, z* allows a game author to produce a game, and essentially treat it as a web space. People connect up, load the game content and then play. Java provides proven security for untrusted code, so those using z* will feel free to experiment with game content, knowing that it can't do anything harmful.

z* is intended to provide a common simulation system for 3D content just as HTML and HTTP provide a common method for browsing information.