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Client Commands

We have revamped the z* command interface.

Typein commands are sent as chatMSGs as usual, but commands preceeded with '!' are interpreted by the embedded tcl interpreter. This allowed me to avoid a lot of nasty problems with strings, etc. Don't be afraid though, because I have bound some useful commands, which can now be accessed without strange syntax.

  • !ctl_list
    -- Produces a list of bound commands one page at a time. The list will wrap once you reach the end, or if you call !ctl_page.
  • !ctl_page n
    -- Goes to a specific control page. If you choose a page past the end, it will go back to page 1.
  • !chat "msg"
    -- Produce a chat message. You can produce chats with a ! at the beginning, or with a TCL variable or expression embedded.
  • !self "msg"
    -- Produce a chat message to yourself. Only useful to programmers.
  • !script url
    -- Load and execute a TCL script from the given URL. Same as the loadScript message, but easier to type.
  • !primary zstar://host:port/
    -- Switch to the url you specify. You can use this command to connect to a z* environment if you don't specify one when starting z*.
  • !keybind control name bind_type value
    -- Bind a key to a certain value of a control. The names of all known controls can be viewed with !ctl_list.

    Only set is supported currently for bind_type.

  • !control control name value -- If you don't have enough keys to bind all your favorites, use this command to generate any known control sequence. Again, you can get the control list with !ctl_list.
Last modified: Fri Jul 20 16:40:52 PDT 2001